The Ingredients

Powered by Exceptional, Sustainable Ingredients

We prioritize both naturally grown and certified-organic Ingredients. We appreciate that it isn’t always feasible for small farms to become organic certified. It’s all about the principles that each farm is built upon.

We also deeply value sustainably wild-harvested, and locally grown Canadian Ingredients. You’ll find many of our products contain truly effective, extraordinary wild botanicals.

Ingredient sourcing is a big deal, and we invest a lot of time into research. Understanding the ethical and ecological ramifications of what we purchase is incredibly time consuming. Often there are a lot of layers to peel back to get the true picture. Our aim is to understand all facets of each ingredient that we use. Cost is not the driving factor. Quality. Honesty. Integrity and Ethics are what drive our decision making. My beliefs are often challenged along the way. It’s a deeply humbling and educational process.

Signature ingredients

With love and passion, from seed to bottle, we infuse our products with hand harvested, hand brewed, naturally grown ingredients.


Canadian Clay & Mineral Salts

We use 100% organic mineral rich clay sourced from the Canadian prairies along with ancient Canadian glacial salts packed with beneficial minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.


Canadian Honey & Beeswax

We are a pollinator friendly farm with plenty of habitat, food and shelter for the many native bees and pollinators that share our home. Although we don’t have honey bees, we support Canadian apiarists, good people doing their part to provide healthy habitat for honey bees.