The Ingredients

We make high quality bath, body & skincare products infused with timeless plant based ingredients grown and harvested locally, naturally, by us.

We love working with, studying, nurturing and being nurtured by the flora that surrounds our homestead. The environment in which we live and work is pure, healthy and good for the soul. Our aim to bottle some of that that magical essence up and share it with you.

Signature ingredients


Wild Roses

Rosa Rugosa, the wild roses that surround our log cabin might be a bit unruly for a cultivated garden but we adore these thorny bushes and allow them to grow wild and free. Disease resistant and 100% pure and chemical free wild roses provide Blooming Wild with an abundance of rose petals and rose hips!



Wild Yarrow

Yarrow’s Latin name “Achillea millefolium” is said to derive from Greek hero Achilles who used yarrow to treat his solders on the battle field. Throughout history yarrow has been revered for it’s wound healing, skin soothing properties and we’ll admit, we’ve got a passion for the beautiful, skin nourishing herbaceous yarrow that grows wild in our meadows.


Forest Botanicals

The giants of our forests possess powerful healing properties and we’ve become obsessed with learning how to sustainably harvest and infuse our products with “forest magic”.  Sustainably harvested from our pristine wilderness, evergreen needles, resin, bark, and cones, birch leaves, sap and chaga come together to make luxurious, effective skincare.


Canadian Clay & Mineral Salts

We use 100% organic mineral rich clay sourced from the Canadian prairies along with ancient Canadian glacial salts packed with beneficial minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.


Canadian Honey & Beeswax

We are a pollinator friendly farm with plenty of habitat, food and shelter for the many native bees and pollinators that share our home. Although we don’t have honey bees, we support Canadian apiarists, good people doing their part to provide healthy habitat for honey bees.