Understanding Your Hardiness Zone for Successful Planting

Are you ready to take your gardening game to the next level? Understanding your hardiness zone is key to unlocking the full potential of your garden. From selecting the perfect plants to planning your planting schedule, your hardiness zone holds the key to gardening success. Cold and heat are crucial factors to consider when cultivating […]

How to Plant, Grow, Cure & Store Garlic

Easy to grow, popular yet pricey, garlic is a highly valued kitchen & health food staple. Why not grow your own? A forgiving and adaptable crop, it is well worth the effort! When you get into growing garlic you soon discover that there are many unique varieties to choose from, each with their own special […]

The Benefits of Sunflowers in the Vegetable Garden

The Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) provides dramatic and cheerful flair to a vegetable garden. They also serve a very practical purpose. Sunflowers attract pollinators, provide shade, act as a living trellis and can even assist in the cleaning of contaminated soil. Sunflowers make a surprising and flavourful addition to your culinary creations and are a true […]

Plant Magic: Natural Medicine All Around Us

When asked the question: Do you believe in magic Do you believe in magic? I had to tell my story using my camera.  The ability to capture what we see and share a story with the world, is rather magical (And quite fitting). You don’t have to believe in fairies and mystical things to believe […]

Resilience: Growing Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants

A food forest takes time to create.  It’s a big job, especially when you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Although most of our property is forest, there are several acres that were cleared. Inch by inch we’ve been replacing grass with trees shrubs and other wonderful perennials. One of the lessons we’ve learned […]

Interesting Facts About Peonies – Edible, Medicinal, Beautiful and Smart!

Peonies are really smart plants. It’s true! They secrete a sticky substance to attract ants. This is their built in defense against damaging pests. The ants attack the pests and lick up all the sticky sweet secretions – everyone wins! Peonies can also live up to 100 years – which is quite a long life […]

The Calming and Healing Power of Lavender: Why We Love it in Our Botanical Skincare Products

To make a perfume, take some rose water and wash your hands in it, then take a lavender flower and rub it with your palms, and you will achieve the desired effect ~ Leonardo da Vinci Each time I send a parcel to someone I love, I tuck a sprig of lavender inside the box. […]