Six Ornamental Plants & Flowers That You Can Eat!

I’ve been delighted to discover that a lot of ornamental flowers and plants are quite edible. I’ll even say that most of them are tasty offering complex and unique flavors. It’s just a matter of harvesting them at the perfect time before they become bitter. Often the optimal times to consume them is in early […]

Homemade Yogurt Cheese Recipe

Yogurt cheese is really easy to make and it’s a healthy way to indulge your cravings. Adding  garden fresh edible flowers and chives turns this cheese into a flavorful and stunning masterpiece. All you need is high fat yogurt, some chives, flowers and a pinch of salt. Bundle it up, wait patiently, and let the […]

How to Make Jelly with Edible Flowers

As the seasons change, each brings its own unique scents and essences that can transport us back to cherished life moments. But what if we could preserve those fragrances and flavors long after the seasons have passed? That’s where this super easy recipe for edible flower petal jelly comes in. With each jar of jelly, […]