Facial Spa Collection


Our facial spa collection purifies, refreshes & hydrates the skin, and its kind to nature as well. Refresh your skin and take the time to unwind with a new spa ritual that will revitalize your skin with a fresh glow.

  • Our gentle clay facial mask draws out impurities while wild yarrow & juniper work together to detoxify, balance and even out skin tone.
  • Bliss for your skin, gentle and easily absorbed, wildflower facial oil is packed with ten nutrient rich plant oils plus wild plantain and wild yarrow for a hydrated and fresh complexion.
  • We love our handmade ‘Northern Lights’ mask bowls with wooden spoon, it’s a gorgeous part of our beauty ritual but also practical.. It’s best to avoid metal when mixing clays, particularly bentonite clay, because once it becomes hydrated, the electrical and molecular components of the clay change and produce an ‘electrical charge. Metal will interact with the negative charge in the clay and decrease the effectiveness of your mask.
  • Infused with wild rose petals and peppermint for a fresh and hydrated pout. Our lip balms are a larger size .30 oz and come in a cool plastic free paperboard tube (compostable!)


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