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Body Oil Elixirs | Apply Liberally & Often

A rich formulation of precious oils and botanicals, our Botanical Body oils offer a decadent elixir and aromatherapy experience.
Available in three sizes:
  • Mini Perfume Roller ball for a convenient and portable aromatherapy experience
  • 4 oz bottle with treatment pump for daily use
  • Large bottle with cork to elevate your bath time (or use as a refill)

Oils | Elixirs

Bath Salts & Effervescent Soaks

Extraordinarily Canadian, our Canadian pink salts are as unique as they are healing. Rich in marine minerals and known for detoxifying properties, these ancient glacial salts promote muscle relaxation, blood circulation, skin hydration, and can even help to reduce joint pain and skin irritation.

Salts & Fizzies

Wonderful Soap

Enjoy the rich lather and natural scents of our oversized, luxurious bar soap. All natural, super sumptuous and made with real passion.  Nurture your skin while being kind to the planet.  

Premium Organic Oils | Ethically Sourced Butters | Canadian Botanicals | BIG Bars

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Bath & Body Soap

Meadow Botanical Soap


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