Plant Perennial Food For Resilient Gardens

Planting edible perennials increases food system resilience. It is better for our soil and our health. It also makes our work in the garden a lot easier. Perennial edibles are the type of plants that often get a bad rap. In the popular quest for ultimate control and perfectly manicured gardens, perennial edibles are willfull, […]

Understanding Your Hardiness Zone for Successful Planting

Are you ready to take your gardening game to the next level? Understanding your hardiness zone is key to unlocking the full potential of your garden. From selecting the perfect plants to planning your planting schedule, your hardiness zone holds the key to gardening success. Cold and heat are crucial factors to consider when cultivating […]

How to Plant, Grow, Cure & Store Garlic

Easy to grow, popular yet pricey, garlic is a highly valued kitchen & health food staple. Why not grow your own? A forgiving and adaptable crop, it is well worth the effort! When you get into growing garlic you soon discover that there are many unique varieties to choose from, each with their own special […]

Treasured Fireweed Herbal Remedies (Chamerion angustifolium / Onagraceae)

A breeze is blowing through the window carrying the sweet fragrance of fireweed with it. It smells sweet and spicy. The aroma gently lingers in the air around me. I’ve been cultivating fireweed in my flower garden since we moved to our homestead. It sits just beneath my office window. The beautiful pink flowers of […]

How to Dry Rose Hips (For Tea, Culinary & Skincare)

A lot of people don’t think about roses as a food source but around here, they are an important part of our perennial food landscape. We use both the petals and the hips for culinary, health, soap and skincare recipes. I’ve tried a variety of methods and removing the tiny hairs from inside the hip […]

The Benefits of Sunflowers in the Vegetable Garden

The Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) provides dramatic and cheerful flair to a vegetable garden. They also serve a very practical purpose. Sunflowers attract pollinators, provide shade, act as a living trellis and can even assist in the cleaning of contaminated soil. Sunflowers make a surprising and flavourful addition to your culinary creations and are a true […]

Rhubarb: How to Plant, Grow, Harvest and Preserve

Rhubarb is one of my favourite perennial edibles.  Although most often treated as a fruit, rhubarb is actually a vegetable. The edible stalks have a rich tart flavour making it a rather diverse ingredient in the kitchen. Rhubarb is the lowest maintenance food crop on our homestead. It requires a little bit of tending in […]

Growing Garlic from Umbels/Bulbils

There are three ways to go about growing garlic. Planting cloves is the fastest, easiest and most widely used method.  Growing from true seed is possible but very challenging and rarely done by the backyard gardener.  Growing from bulbils is a lesser known but very effective manner of growing garlic. It’s gaining popularity and for […]

Garden Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) Early Perennial Greens

A hot bowl of sorrel (green borscht) soup is a sure sign that spring has finally arrived. Often mixed with sorrel, nettles and other wild greens, this centuries-old recipe is pure nourishment. While visiting Saskatchewan, my grandmother-in-law, handed me a bowl of her sour leaf soup. As I savored it, she told me how she […]

Six Ornamental Plants & Flowers That You Can Eat!

I’ve been delighted to discover that a lot of ornamental flowers and plants are quite edible. I’ll even say that most of them are tasty offering complex and unique flavors. It’s just a matter of harvesting them at the perfect time before they become bitter. Often the optimal times to consume them is in early […]