Growing & Preserving Your Own Food

We have always kept a well stocked pantry. There is something comforting about having enough food to feed your family for quite a while should the need arise. When we transitioned from buying all of our food to growing a lot of it, stocking the pantry became an altogether different experience. Growing and preserving enough […]

How to Stock a Pantry like a Pro

We keep a well stocked pantry. With careful meal planning our family could eat for a good long while on the pantry contents. It provides us with food security, saves us money, reduces our fuel bill and is incredibly convenient. There is always something to eat at our place. Although our pantry is unique in […]

Eating Like Pioneers & Learning to Make Do

I sit typing this while drinking a big mug of black coffee sprinkled with a bit of cocoa and sugar. It’s a mocha latte ‘hold the latte,’ not terrible but not very good either.  I love coffee with cream and can’t stand drinking coffee black. I’ll try not to dwell on that too much as […]

Homesteading: Is It a Realistic Lifestyle?

There is a growing interest in the homestead life. We are finding more stories and coverage in mainstream news along with magazines and other publications lately. In fact, during the covid pandemic, we were inundated with emails from people in a rush to leave cities and find a homestead. It was overwhelming for us. In […]

A Life of Folk Magic and Nourishment

I playfully mock the crows that are making a nuisance of themselves in our field. I carry seed in my pocket. They know this, and we’ve formed an unusual friendship. This is a game where I pretend to stealthily toss the seed down and turn my back to the field. They swoop in and steal […]