The Power of Natural Scents: How Aromatherapy Connects Us to Nature

Our sense of smell is a remarkable tool that connects us deeply to the world around us. It’s a portal to memories, emotions, and even our very roots in nature. But why do certain scents have such a profound impact on our minds and bodies? The answer lies in the complex relationship between fragrance and […]

Capture the flavors of of the season with this easy to make rose petal syrup. This concentrate is ideal for making  pitchers of fruity lemonade. You can drizzle this rose petal  syrup over ice cream or yogurt with a few shavings of chocolate for a simple yet sensational dessert. It also makes a decadent addition […]

Plant Perennial Food For Resilient Gardens

Planting edible perennials increases food system resilience. It is better for our soil and our health. It also makes our work in the garden a lot easier. Perennial edibles are the type of plants that often get a bad rap. In the popular quest for ultimate control and perfectly manicured gardens, perennial edibles are willfull, […]

The Top 10 Antioxidant Rich Herbs & Spices: Food For Health

Used since ancient times to add flavour to foods, herbs and spices are also packed with health benefits. Some popular herbs are an abundant source of natural antioxidants, compounds that play an important role in neutralizing free radicals. In fact, the total phenolic contents of these herbs are rated higher than those reported for berries, […]

Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Canner Review

On our homestead we spend a lot of time growing and preserving our own food.  In our quest to make our work more efficient and enjoyable, we’ve tested a lot of different equipment. Sometimes we are sorely disappointed and other times, we find treasures that we buy multiples of. We often get asked to share […]

Water Bath & Pressure Canning Explained

Canning is simply a form of preservation that involves heating, sterilizing and sealing your food into jars. It is one of the easiest food preservation methods to learn. We preserve about 1000 jars each year and there’s nothing better than walking into the pantry and grabbing a jar of food, fully knowing the quality and […]

Understanding Your Hardiness Zone for Successful Planting

Are you ready to take your gardening game to the next level? Understanding your hardiness zone is key to unlocking the full potential of your garden. From selecting the perfect plants to planning your planting schedule, your hardiness zone holds the key to gardening success. Cold and heat are crucial factors to consider when cultivating […]

How To Make Rose Hip Wine (Recipe & Detailed Directions)

Unlock the rich and unique flavors of rose hips with this guide to making homemade rose hip wine. From the picking to the bottling stage, follow along for a rewarding old fashioned country wine making experience that results in a beautifully amber-hued wine with subtle fruity notes and a hint of vanilla. Benefits of Rose […]

How To Make Rosehip & Juniper Berry Syrup | A Recipe to Make in Autumn

It’s a very busy time of year, and I’ve got an itchy scratchy throat and sniffles. I decided to gather rose hips from the garden to make a delicious and soothing syrup. Rose hips are packed with vitamin C and other goodness giving it plenty of health filled benefits but this syrup also tastes great. […]

How To Make Rose Hip & Juniper Berry Syrup

Feeling under the weather during a hectic time of year? Combat sniffles and scratchy throats with a homemade syrup crafted from garden-grown rose hips and juniper berries. Not only does this syrup offer a delightful taste, but it’s also packed with immune-boosting vitamin C and a host of other nutrients. Discover the versatility of this […]