Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Canner Review

Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Canner ReviewOn our homestead we spend a lot of time growing and preserving our own food.  In our quest to make our work more efficient and enjoyable, we’ve tested a lot of different equipment. Sometimes we are sorely disappointed and other times, we find treasures that we buy multiples of.

We often get asked to share details about the equipment that we rely on.  I am always looking for honest reviews from people who have given equipment rigorous testing before I make purchasing decisions. We are careful shoppers who do not like to waste money on poorly made items. We’ve found a real winner in the Victorio VKP1130 Stainless Steel Multi-Use ‘Steam’ Canner and this article provides all the details.

What Is a Steam Canner?

A steam canner is a highly efficient method of canning high acid foods (jams, jellies, pickles), using considerably less water and energy than a water bath canner. A steam canner uses about two and a half quarts of water to produce the steam required through the canning process.  The steam canner also comes up to temperature much more quickly than water bath canner, saving time and energy.

Steam canning has been tested and approved safe to use

The University of Wisconsin has tested and deemed that a Steam Canner may be safely used for canning naturally acid foods, meaning foods that are safe to can in a water bath. Foods must be high in acid, with a pH of 4.6 or below. Generally speaking, if your recipe is safe to process in a boiling water canner, you can use a steam canner instead. A steam canner is NOT a replacement for a pressure canner. Meats and low acid foods still need to be pressure canned. You can read their report here

My Personal Review

I purchased this canner June 2016. My old enamelled pot was rusting and having gone through several others in the past few years I wanted something high quality that would not rust, warp or need replacing.  I started searching for a heavy duty stainless steel pot that I could use as a canner and came upon the Victorio VKP1130 Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner. I had not heard about steam canners until I read the documentation for this canner and found the product details and reviews quite intriguing.

The concept of needing less water was very appealing to me. This could save a lot of time in the canning process. After reading through the many product reviews on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. I didn’t get my hopes up, as I am often disappointed in products when they arrive. Poor quality and workmanship seems to be the new standard in our modern age. I often end up returning items after testing them.

Not this canner. It’s become a steadfast in our kitchen. Wow! Call me impressed.

It has turned out to be my favorite canner, and it is used heavily throughout our canning season. The heavy duty pot paired with the steam function makes it fast and efficient to use. It also requires less energy to heat up. Rather than boiling a large pot of water which can take 25-30 minutes sometimes, you only have to boil a small amount of water. It takes about five minutes to begin the processing time.

Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Canner Review
Double-sided, sturdy, stainless steel canning rack enables you process by steam or water bath method easily.

I really appreciate companies that stand by their products.  It is a rare thing to find a a good warranty. Even large appliances tend to only come with one year, unless you pay to extend it!  This canner comes with a five year warranty which I think is exceptional. After much heavy use of the product, and not a single issue or complaint, I don’t expect we will need that warranty — but it is nice to have, nonetheless.

Multi-Use Canner Specifications

The Victorio VKP1130 Stainless Steel Multi-Use Canner is truly multi-use. You can use it as a water bath canner should you choose to and you can also use it as a large stock pot. This makes it very useful, and rather than having it sit unused when canning season is done, it can go to work making soups, stews and other large batches of food.

Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Canner Review
Simple to read temperature indicator valve based on your altitude.


  • Steam canner uses very little water and comes to temperature quickly saving time and energy. This eliminates the need to deal with a full pot of boiling water. There is less concern with splashing and having to lift a heavy pot.
  • Stainless steel, no rust or long term deterioration
  • Flat clad bottom for even heating on any cook top, including induction ranges
  • Double-sided Stainless Steel Canning Rack lets you process by steam or water bath method
  • Built-in Temperature Indicator in Tempered Glass Lid with 3 elevation zones makes timing easy. You can see into the pot which is also a nice feature. 
  • Handles 8 pint or 7 quart jars, or 20 quarts of liquid
  • Exceptional 5 YEAR WARRANTY

I tried to come up with a list of faults or complaints about this canner. Surprisingly, I could not fault a single aspect of it.

Victorio Stainless Steel Multi-Use Steam Canner Review
Heavy clad bottom & stainless steel, means that this pot will not rust, bubble and warp (a common issue with the enamel pots).

Our Recommendation

We recommend this canner to novices and experienced canners alike. The time savings and increased efficiency that this canner offers in addition to the quality & durability makes this canner an excellent core homestead product.  From the Walkerland homestead this canner gets a full five stars with TWO extra ++’s!

For more details you can find the product manual here and the learn more about the manufacturer you can find them here. They also offer a stand alone, aluminium, single purpose steam canner that also receives wonderful reviews. You can find it here.


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