Homemade Yogurt Cheese Recipe

Yogurt cheese is really easy to make and it’s a healthy way to indulge your cravings. Adding  garden fresh edible flowers and chives turns this cheese into a flavorful and stunning masterpiece. All you need is high fat yogurt, some chives, flowers and a pinch of salt. Bundle it up, wait patiently, and let the magic happen.

The finished cheese has a lovely texture. It falls between a cream and a goat cheese. The flavor is bright, zesty and fresh. The flowers add a subtle hint of complexity and beauty!

Impress your guests at the next social and bring a platter of your own cheese or snuggle up with a good book, a glass of wine and a special snack just for you! Jusr remember this recipe takes only a few minutes to prepare but needs 24 hours to complete!

Recipe makes three yogurt cheese balls


  • 1 large container of thick plain yogurt (2.5% at least) the thicker the better!
  • Herbs, spices, edible flowers, finely chopped dried fruit, nuts, etc
  • 1 tsp salt


  • Cheese cloth three pieces and kitchen twine
  • Strainer
  • large bowl


  • Scoop the thick yogurt into a large bowl, add a few pinches of salt and combine.
  • Add your chosen ingredients (dried fruit, edible petals, herbs etc).
  • Place three double thickness square of cheese cloth on your counter top. Sprinkle some of your chosen ingredients on the surface of each cheese cloth. Pour the yogurt mixture on the center of the square. Gather up the corners and sides of the cheese cloth and secure with twine to form a tight bundle.
  • Suspend this ball over a bowl and let the liquid drip out for 24 hours. The whey (liquid) that drains out of the yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium. You can use it in smoothies or add it to drinks or porridge. You can also use it to make your own lacto fermented fizzy soda. This is a great book on how to do that!
  • You might want to tighten the cheesecloth bundles a bit as the whey drains out and reshape the cheese a bit.
  • When done, gently twist the knot of the cheese cloth while patting and smoothing the cheese ball into the shape your would like. Slowly remove the cheese cloth and enjoy


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