Elixir of Flowers: A Botanical Facial Oil to Nourish the Skin and Soul

Are you going through profound life changes? Has your skin changed? I am. It is. These changes can be hard.

My skin was looking very dull & tired, which was very new for me. It needed something more than what I’d been giving it. Skincare is an area in which I’ve invested so much of my life into. I needed something that would brighten and nourish my skin gently so I delved deep into intensive studies in lipids (plant oils) and became deeply invested in the art of formulating an exceptional facial oil. I did this for myself, and for you.

And so, the Elixir of Flowers was born.

This potent blend of 15 Canadian-grown oils and extracts acting like a nutritional supplement for the skin. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients that leave your skin feeling silky, and radiant.

The true magic of the Elixir of Flowers is its carefully crafted blend of antioxidant-rich plant oils, handcrafted botanical extracts, and wild-harvested balsam fir resin, perfectly balanced with essential fatty acids and vitamins. The botanicals which come from our farm, are infused into a base oil for eight weeks. We pack the jar tight with botanicals to make it potent. Watching the oil change color as it absorbs all of these incredible nutrients, its like witnessing ancient alchemy in action. So much love goes into the production of this special extract.

The Elixir of Flowers is infused with soothing botanicals that work together to restore your skin’s natural luster and elasticity. It deeply conditions and prevents moisture loss while calming redness or irritation, especially helpful if If you live in a dry climate. It’s enriched with skin-brightening meadow flowers like dandelion, yarrow, and rose petal, and soothing fireweed, nasturtium, calendula, and balsam fir resin.

When you apply the oil you’ll notice that your skin feels silkier, velvety, and smoother, irresistible to touch. Continued use should help you skin appear plumper and brighter, especially if you apply the oil to damp skin. Pair this with a lovely herbal tea, and a few quiet moments for yourself.

Dive deep into the exquisite art of self-care and gift yourself with patience and grace. Cherish every step, every stage of your life. And through it all, let kindness be the guiding light that illuminates you. Gaze upon your reflection with a loving smile, and let your thoughts appreciate and acknowledge the beauty of you, for you are a masterpiece deserving of utmost love and compassion.

The Elixir of Flowers is a true labor of love and has made a significant difference in my skin and overall well-being. I hope it will nourish your skin (and soul) too!

The Making of our Botanical Extract

Our botanical extracts take many months to craft. We grow, dry, grind our own botanicals. We then pack a jar tight with ground up herbs and flowers, and  infuse for 6-8 weeks. This extract is strained and then added to your product. Here’s a peek into the making of our wildflower extract:

How to use a facial oil: Tips & Tricks

The Elixir of Flowers

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