Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula officinalis

In my opinion, no other plant surpasses Calendula in its ability to effectively soothe, calm, heal and brighten our skin, including my own ultra sensitive skin.

In addition to its gentle soothing capabilities Calendula also promotes production of collagen, an essential protein for glowing skin. If that wasn’t enough, it is also bursting with antioxidant compounds making Calendula a wonderful skin ally that we can use from infancy and as we age.

With its high amount of resins, volatile oils, and triterpenes, which are all insoluble in water, it’s best to extract the medicinal virtues of Calendula in oil.

Every season our fingers are sticky with resins as we grow, harvest, dry and infuse mountains of Calendula into organic carrier oils. Our treasured Calendula extract is something we are really proud of.

We save seeds each year so that our calendula becomes more resilient and adapted to our climate. It grows wonderfully in our zone 4a climate. In fact it is often one of the first and last things to bloom in the gardens. It’s really easy to collect and save calendula seed for the next year. You’ll notice lumpy brown dried bits where a flower would normally be. This is a calendula seed head. On a dry day just go around the garden and pop these seed heads off.  Make sure everything is very dry before storing them in a glass jar.

If you are purchasing dried calendula for home use, make sure you purchase whole dried flowers, from the correct species: Calendula officinalis. You want the whole flower because the medicinal oils are primarily located in the resinous green base of the flower head (called involucres, botanically speaking). Good quality Calendula will be bright yellow and/or orange and the bag will smell amazing when you open it – you’ll know!
 Is calendula an ingredient in your skincare regime? Have you tried ours yet?

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