Soulful Skincare rooted in nature

Skin wellness through traditional herbalism, modern science and the deep wisdom of nature.

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Discover the Magnesium Advantage

An essential nutrient for 600+ Metabolic Reactions in our bodies, elevating Skin’s Elasticity and Moisture retention naturally.

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Hand & Body Creams

A vitamin packed blend of botanical extracts, shea butter, oats & pea peptides for happy hydrated skin.

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Botanical Soaps

Long lasting oversized bars packed with nourishing oils and butters for gently cleansed skin.

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Welcome to The Wild

Journey with us through the untamed wilderness. Explore the forest canopy, pick lightly from the meadow. Embrace nature. Celebrate the sun as you lavish yourself with the magical essences of earth. Alive. Awake. Awesome.

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Customer Feedback

Excellent product. Helps with Winter dryness skin. I apply this product to my skin while it is still slightly damp after a shower or bath. Very hydrating and moisturizing. Uplifting and refreshing light minty fragrance. All natural ingredients.

The soap is beautiful and smells wonderful. The packaging is too pretty, I don’t want to even open it! You can tell the high level of care that goes into these products.

Really nice oil which makes skin softer than normal.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, I love the silky, luscious feeling that it has on the skin.

Truly nourishing for both body and soul, these products are the ultimate gift for yourself and those you hold close to your heart. Indulge. You deserve it.
love the product! came in a very timely manner, was well packaged. I love the bags the soap came in! and they smell amazing! thanks so much! I cannot wait to place another order for more soap and lip balm!

Beautifully scented and nice & gentle on the skin.

This is absolutely gorgeous…everything about it is gorgeous. | Citrus Blossom Bubble Salts

Top notch as always. Excellent soap excellent service.

This pumice soap is PERFECTION for my feets. It feels gentle when you’re scrubbing with it, yet it is highly effective and keeps my skin SO SOFT. Truly the best thing I’ve ever used. Bought for friends and they are all amazed also! ~ Tara

Love the smell and the texture of this soap. Very moisturizing and exfoliating at the same time because of the coffee grains. First tried it because it was received as a sample and fell in love with it. I even bought extras to have my friends try it. I have a very sensitive skin, but this soap is just perfect, no reaction at all.

I really like this soap. So fresh and smells delicious. + Plus customer service is excellent.

Unbelievably delicious smell!

This is such a lovely scent of soap, I had to buy it again.

Just started using this soap and I love how soft and creamy it is on my skin.

I like it. It’s smooth and feels good on the skin. Not much is needed to cover areas so the container should last me a fair amount of time.

Absolutely delighted by the quality of these beautifully crafted soaps and what a great way to stock up. I’ve been buying and using handmade soaps for decades and these are some of the best by far – thank you Blooming Wild for all the care you put into your products!

So friendly and accommodating! And the gift baskets are gorgeous!

I have never had a skin product of this quality and I have tested alot of skin products in my lifetime. I need the moisturizer and I need quality ingredients and real fragrance direct from the herbs as my skin is sensitive and I am prone to migraines when I am exposed to off-gassing and synthetic scents … Thank you Charlotte and Blooming Wild Botanicals!!! I will be back for more!!!

No words can describe opening up this parcel and seeing how beautifully it was arranged…your products are seriously the best! The obvious care that is put in (as well as the amazing scents!) is so refreshing, and the products themselves are absolutely delicious. You have a customer for life.

Such wonderful smelling and beautiful looking soap. It’s my go to item to put together a gift for any occasion!

WOW! the packaging had me feeling all extra and boogie about my soaps. Love them. the smell in my bathroom right now is divine. Thank you so much. The style and class plus the quality are worth every cent. blessings